Monthly Archives: May 2014

I am Amy and all quilters are friendly and fun but it just goes so nice with my name. Quilting has been part of me for almost 40 years. Do not feel right unless I have my fabric fix and hear that machine humming.
It’s both a contrast and compliment to being an Engineer.
Recently joined the supernova challenge and am enjoying my new friend Theresa. We are well underway and will have pictures soon.
And what’s on the machine today you ask? Well my husband and kids all got new throw size quilts for Christmas ( thanks to some planning and a new Pfaff I am in live with). Frankly they wore out their originals after 15 years or so but I got them all addicted to cotton 😊.
So the “mama quilt” is now in works to replace mine. I will post a photo of the old one someday but here is the new one in progress.